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Michele Laurer


(919) 413-4993

My Story

April 25, 2018 - I made the choice to click the join button and become a Scentsy Consultant! I just wanted an easy way to make some extra money to buy ALL the Starbucks and Chick-fil-a I wanted without my husband complaining about how much money I spent! It was an easy choice because many of my friends already LOVED the products and needed a consultant.

Fast forward a few years and my Scentsy Journey became so much bigger than I had ever imagined. My son, Zachary, had gotten really sick and needed his mom - and I was able to work by his bedside in the hospital or at home - and be available when he needed me. When my retail job forced me into choosing them or my son - the choice was easy because I had already started building supplemental income to help support my family.

I now work Scentsy full time and mentor many amazing people on my team to build their businesses to be able to do the same. Dreams are worth working for and you can do ANYTHING if you stay consistent and believe in yourself.

The biggest gift Scentsy has given me was the gift of feeling worthy. I am building my confidence and self worth with every month that goes by. I have finally been able to dream again and feel accomplished as I start seeing goals get crushed as I make my way forward towards what I feel makes me a success.

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